The Economist capitulates and admits that we are right: the new wave of rapes is cultural and related to the muslim image of women.

We are right, even The Economist admits it: the rapes in Cologne and in Sweden the sex harassments by refugees in Switzerland, Denmark are related to the fact that notwithstanding the photograph of little Aylan, the "refugees" are all men and in the culture they come from women are not respected or seen as equal to men while sexually independent women or even only girls who go around freely are treated as free sexual preys. On the cover there's written "Crossing the line". It's in the edition, printed and online, of the Economist 16th January 2016.
I knew it, we won, they admit it is true. If it weren't for the rapes I'd be happy. When will we stop taking immigrants, dear Mr. Bilderbergers? Is it enough?
It would be enough to patrol the sea between Kos and Bodrun and stop Renzi taking new ones off the libyan coast, maybe tomorrow they'll write it on the Economist. As they wrote that, if people cannot be repatriated to Syria, they can easily be repatriated to Morocco or Algeria, and I add also in Turkey. I almost want to go back to the Economist website to re-read the articles about the immigration situation.
It is necessary indeed to go back exclusively to the Geneva Convention of the Human Rights, because Strasbourg's human rights are too many: human rights, in the end cannot substitute the law-making process. Good news also from Switzerland, where at least they prohibit the newcomers to squeeze the welfare and do the same as the Danes, Danes that have put taxation at 51% of the PIL and rightly don't want to give tax money away to people who think they're cunning. In Florence a beautiful, sexy american socialite got killed by a clandestine immigrant because "she treated him badly", Renzi doesn't want to decriminalize clandestine immigration any more.
So, Rothschild is capitulating to the evidence, Renzi doesn't consider the immigrants automatically jolly good fellows any longer, the only stupid ones are...the feminists, I'm not joking, after this violent mess, on the Telegraph the wonder women complained about... Wikipedia being sexist (sic wikipedia) and Gamergate. And obviously Trans-women discriminated because they are sent to the jail according to their genetic sex and not their mental idea of themselves. These are the problems of the official feminists: Gamergate and Wikipedia.