The Group Identity exists this is why the new orwellian anti-racist language is wrong.

If in Sweden the 77% of the rapes are perpetrated by muslim immigrants and the rest by swedish citizens and of this rest the overwhelming majority is perpetrated again by swedish citizens of muslim countries' origin there is a muslim problem and the problem is bound to immigration. 
When you've got the scandinavian lutheran males responsible of less than 5% of the rape cases and the muslim males responsible of the remaining 95% and when you've got the data that muslim males in Sweden are 5% of the population, you've got a muslim problem. The 5% of the population cannot be responsible of 95% of the rapes without making it a cultural issue. The cultural issue is this one: lutheran scandinavian males, I'm not saying white or blond I'm saying lutheran, ok? are taught by their parents to keep the hands off the girls if the girls don't like it, muslim scandinavian males are taught "she's a slut, she deserves it, it's her fault, otherwise she would cover up, girls don't go around at nights like this, they are sluts". Precisely the way they do in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, where women have got to walk with the burqa. You may say "Yes, and what about Benazir Bhutto or good pakistani men?" You're right, that's the point, we are not precisely importing Benazir Bhutto we are importing everybody who wants to come without filter, selection, because the filter, the selection is declared racist or classist (you want only the upper class educated in Oxford etc.) by the masons and the Left. So we are letting the thugs of the Middle East/Northern Africa who behave like talibans in blue jeans. Here comes the solution, and the solution is called passport and visa. Since the pakistani authorities know their people and so the northern african authorities, usually before giving passports to their own country-fellows control that they are not inadequate, anyway the visa is not lifelong and the number is low, if someone does something wrong he's easily repatriated, if things go all right he can stay, if he wishes. The big mistake is done by the western lefty masons who do not want the passport filter anymore and block the repatriations with fake human rights, the "thugs" felt protected till yesterday by the lefty "omertà" "Don't say they're muslim, arab or northern african etc." Omertà broken yesterday by the german media the CNN and actually, finally, all the media in the world.
I'm not saying everybody must be lutheran, I'm saying that the truth must come out and if the muslim families still teach about "it's her fault, she is a slut" they have to deal with the consequences of not being welcome in the West. The individual exists, but also the group and the families do exist, it's the masons who are wrong saying "all culture are the same, all religions are the same" it's their fault it's not ours, I mean, they cannot ask the press and the police not to say this and that otherwise people vote right wing, because the journalists and the police officers happen not to be subjects of the lefty politicians and have no duty to help them win next general election hiding the news that put their policies in bad light, moreover it's like subtly admitting that right wing politicians tell the truth and the leftists are liars. With the establishment and the police of many muslim countries we have no problems, the problem is Angela Merkel and DeMaziere who want to let everybody in and now try to put the blame onto the german police for the shameful chaos in Koln while it's they who have created a situation difficult to manage for the number of the foreigners and for the un-identification of the foreigners. The press mustn't help them and they are doing right in reporting faithfully what' s happening, the kind female journalists who give the news first or later will have to go to the train station and they cannot be groped by thousand of middle eastern northern african men because the left must be helped with its suicidal policies, just like the Bataclan massacre had as victim the daughter of a mason, Valeria, independently from the fact that she was lefty and her father, like all masons, was multiculturalist. 
When a left-centrist female politician tells you to defend yourself from rapists and assaulters keeping them at an arm length's distance she's blatantly declaring herself powerless. It's not like the Right wins because people are bad, it's the lefty and the centrist politicians who are self imploding trapped like Merkel in a sort of  paralysis due to the fear of not being "welcoming". This happens because they take orders from masons who are not telling them to stop, while the people are wanting out of a train that's aiming towards a canyon. It would be about time they voted Right wing. Right wing I mean BNP, UKIP, NPD, Alternative fur Deutschland, FN, I mean it is clearly not their fault since they are trying to stick to moderate politicians but the supposed moderate politicians just don't care. It's impressive, these "moderates" who in reality are extremists of the multiculturalism and no border theories look like they talk about a reality that does not exist.