The Left is over: unconditional antiracists clash with women's rights.While in the UK there is already a legal sharia court...

The anti-fascist groups already cry the immigrants who raped and groped women in Koeln were marginalized, that's why they did it. They can give them their ass if they like it, not my or other women's bodies. We women are not comfort objects that frustrated, marginalized men can rely on when the welfare or the dad are not good enough with them. If you don't believe me I give you the link to the article that shames "antifascist observatory"  These are hard leftists who want to go on with the open door policies. They are criminals.
Soros and Rothschild want us dead and their minions go on. Stupid, brutal, who cry "antifascist" without even really knowing what it means: they use it as a synonym of anti-white and anti-western, they tried to impose the "omertà" don't say it when the criminals are asian or african, but the press, the journalists broke the omertà. Also the leftists are dangerous, also Mao and Stalin were dangerous and killed millions of people. Unconditional antiracism is clashing with women's rights. I say unconditional because lefty antiracism is unconditional, to put one condition: you have to respect the local law and culture when you go to a country, for them is already "fascism" or in Italy "fascismo" said with that unmistakable accent of central/northern Italy where real fascismo stemmed from. Now they accuse everybody else to be a "fascist", if you don't want to be raped by a black you are a fascist, he's a poor give him your ass, excuse me, Sir, you mustn't think not even for a second you can offer these guys our bodies. Men won't save us, even less lefty men, they are clueless, gutless, haven't you noticed how many right wing women are coming out in Europe and the USA? Me, Sarah Palin, Marine and Marion Le Pen, Pia Kjaersgaard, Kathrin Oertel, and also among the leftists, it's female journalists who are starting saying "yes, maybe, the BNP would prevent some of the rapes happened in Rotherham..." yes, it would, everybody knows it, this women's shift to the right or the far right is due to the fact that women smell the danger and the danger is real: we don't want to end up like the women in the muslim countries, they haven't got, in the best case, half of our freedom, in the worst case they get killed after rape. We know what we're talking about, we're not here to please the "antifascist antiracist anti-antisemitic anti-islamophobic collective of groups against the often assassin national borders" - they talk like this Ed.note - that already has legalized one sharia court in the UK, UK fatherland of feminism, with the female Monarch and the invention of the miniskirt. The antifascist collectives are on drugs: it's a problem of theirs.

I apologize if I offend someone saying "they can give them their ass", in fact, I'm against sodomy. And yes, some men may save the situation indeed, I don't want to diminish their value saying "men won't save us", but they're likely to be like Viktor Orban and not antifascist rags. I beg your pardon, I am a bit upset, but you must understand what's going on, they want to diminish our freedom on the base that they want multiculturalism.