What's the use of the female Chancellor, female Monarch, female EU Commissioners if they bring arab mobs here? Viktor Orban is better, male as he is.

I vote for a Party that's got a female head, Giorgia Meloni, I do it, because it's Giorgia, I wouldn't do it with any female politician, but I was confident that females finally had reached a lot of power: female German Chancellor, female Monarchs in UK and Denmark, female EU Commissioners, it seemed done, but what's the use of all these "feminists" if they bring arab sex mobs here in Europe? Also in Italy, we've got a female President of the Parliament and she has the habit of defending the arab immigrants, now, let's talk frankly: 
like this it's just a couple of women grabbing good jobs, for themselves personally, but on average the average woman, the shop assistant who wants to go to the disco after the work shift is not very much helped. The difference between a real feminist society and a fake one is in the rights of the average girl, not the security of few powerful ones, also in Pakistan there was Benazir Bhutto, but the others had to wear the burqa and that's not our standard nor it can ever become our standard, what game are we playing, powerful ladies?
Why don't you defend the borders, the territory, oh my dear like Viktor Orban, at least Orban doesn't allow hungarian women to be raped in the streets or at concerts like they did in Sweden, Germany or Britain. It's not about being a man, also Marine Le Pen and Giorgia Meloni are females and want to defend the territory, but now between Angela Merkel and Viktor Orban we would all vote Orban, or Putin. All these females in powerful positions seem more or less to think about their personal career, it's a fake women power. Women power means the women who work as waitresses or shop assistants or secretary are not sexually harassed in the streets or when they work and can take part in demonstrations in public squares with no fear. The arabs in general are simply not up to our standards as for females rights and often their women think they're right, they cannot be given for free a freedom they do not fight for and do not defend when they've got it. And moreover limit our own freedom with their very presence. The sex mob taharrush is a way to intimidate women and punish them when they want to be independent, to have too many arabs and muslims around is a danger for us. The male Orban is protecting women more than the feminists and this is a shame, I'm not saying that men have a superior sense for the security issues, because also Tony Blair and Matteo Renzi are men but do not care about our security very much, they bring the problem in our street and then leave us "in the multicultural shithole they've prepared for us" to quote Adam Walker. I don't want this. Reality is everything but politically correct, to insist teasing white men because the marxist jews hate them "because they did the holocaust and colonialism" doesn't change that white males, on average, treat women better than the muslims. Societies are generated also by religions, the society generated by Christianity is better, or "more comfortable" in materialistic terms, than the one generated by Islam or Hinduism and to find an excuse for the difference in racism, the "reductio ad racism" of everything is a lazy tiring intellectual joke of the leftists that has passed its time, people with a bit of brain know it, people with a bit of guts feel it, the others are  sold souls for a temporary job and we mustn't leave Europe in their hands.