By St. John Britain will be out. Of an increasing mess.

Britain will or may be out of this mess, the craziness of Tsipras, who went from rebel to Troika slave, Merkel who calls migrants and then gives the guilt to Tsipras, Erdogan dictating how many immigrants the whole of Europe should take and nonsensical, damaging trade regulations that destroy economies instead of helping them, plus millions of pounds and euros given away to make the Mr. no ones in Brussels live like persian pashas. Out of it, by St. John the Baptist, 24th of June, the data for the referendum being fixed at the 23rd. I believe it'll be a refreshing new christening to get rid of the sins of the EU and go back christian and democratic again, after a period of antidemocratic, dictatorial regulations done in the name of not making the third world war, which is nonsensical when combined with laws about fishing and making cheese and bankers' bonuses caps: they have nothing to do with the third world war eventually, moreover the second world war was done to get rid of a dictatorship not to justify another.
CameronBrexitI have to spend a couple of words about Cameron's look. He looked like he saw the Gorgon in the face; blood eyed literally, suffering, some ten years older. He almost entered with brown hair and exit with white; Cameron is an emotional type. What did they do to him? Renzi was the smuggler trying to convince him he has a moral duty to simply abolish the british borders, he disgusts me: he almost abolished the italian borders with Africa as if it were normal without even asking us italians if by the way we agree, I can't say how much I despise him for this, I just want all this smuggling to end; I despise him more than I ever despised Blair because Blair was elected three times Renzi wasn't, he's just plotting of robbing us of our country and without giving us the possibility to vote, he likes the European Union because it is antidemocratic like him. The Poles wanted the money of the british welfare without putting money into the british welfare, the greek, who never obeyed to any european law, either economic or related the registration of the immigrants told him, literally "there cannot be a Europe where there are rules for some and à la carte for others" Really, Tsipras? Are you talking about yourself and the other greek politicians I hope, since in Greece you kind of never obeyed to any european law and that's why you are excuse me if I say it like this, failed, idiot. I couldn't believe it when I listened to him. but this is not the least problem with the EU, this is the main: the lack of legality to the things the commission and the europhiles do; the Dublin Treaty was never abrogated, never even amended, never substituted with another, they talk about duties and rights in a totally arbitrary way. Pay attention to the word "arbitrary": you cannot trust them or make money with them, what Tsipras, Renzi and Merkel are doing is entirely arbitrary and so, what's arbitrary should be imposed to people who signed completely different laws. This is related to the jewish-jesuitic-masonic nature of the EU : to lie to the goym is not a sin; the "profane" the people outside the club or outside the catholic clergy can be lied to. It's not a bad opinion of mine it is said by Henry Kissinger many times "What's illegal we do it now, what's unconstitutional it takes longer". I don't reason like this and the majority of the europeans and the Britons don't reason like this either. If there is a Treaty it's the Treaty that should be respected not the arbitrary decision of the italian Prime Minister, without this you cannot trust making any deal. The fact that the commission is on the side of Renzi says only that in Brussels they want the power of the absolute monarchs who can do and undo and change the laws by themselves without parliaments and written and signed agreements; they want the power to sanction the states if the states break  a rule, and "sanction" is disturbingly one of their most favourite word, but they want also the superpower to change rules during the game again "arbitrary".
It's Tsipras and Renzi that should be punished for breaking the rules and Merkel too. Not Austria. But in my opinion it's already game over. I don't give a dead leaf of orange tree to this Brussels' clan. And I'm not going to call them élite, élite after all has got a positive meaning, élite means "the best", this guys are utterly unable to keep up to the jobs, it's scum. If Mogherini, Renzi, Juncker, Donald Tusk are élite...come on.
I hope it'll be a very happy St. John's day.