Mrs. Johnson, Marina Wheeler, is better than Boris, she should lead Brexit. Competent lawyer she knows deeply what’s wrong with the ECJ and now the EU mistakes are too many to let them go on.

The EU is wrong with the refugees, the European Court of “Justice” blocks the nations to do the job of repatriating people who have no right to stay in Europe, so basically, they don’t work and they impede the national states to work properly. It’s when you have an idiot as a boss, but at least he lets the good employees work, now the situation with the EU is that the boss is an idiot and he does not let the good employees do the job either and people say rightly he shouldn’t be the boss, simply. To the people who say that the EU is not the boss, well unfortunately it is the boss for too many issues and mishandles all of them. Not to give the EU more powers and to retreat the powers they’ve got now is necessary.
They, at the EU have created a list of supposed human rights that actually blocks justice and Marina Wheeler, wife of Boris Johnson and human rights lawyer, wrote a clear essay where she states that Cameron’s renegotiations are not going to change anything about the supremacy of the crazy ECJ.
Marina is better than Boris. Why shouldn’t she lead the Brexit campaign?
The EU is damaging everything in Europe, they are weak, arrogant, they financed the no-borders associations, have contempt for democracy and know no real justice, don’t care about security. I understand that Boris Johnson doesn’t want to put himself against the Tory leader and the establishment that’s so dear to him, he’s tentative about Brexit and the EU, one day is an inner the other day an outer when it is clear that the EU is there to overcome national states.
The best of both world that Cameron and Osborne want is a good sentence that means very little ’cause the refugee/illegal immigrants crisis, due to the dull obsession of the leftists not to distinguish between refugees and clandestine immigrants outside the european soil, as even the Economist stated that is a necessary move to prevent clandestine immigrants to get mixed with the refugees, and with the infamous High Court of the Human Rights of Strasbourg that prevents de facto many repatriations of the illegals, which is the case that Marina Wheeler analyses and from which the UK has no opt-out, well, about the best of both world the Brits should get, the best you can get from a sinking boat is a chance to leave it before you drown. And the EU is sinking thanks to the refugee crisis and the euro crisis, the banking system is collapsing, plus we cannot sell our products to the russian for the unjust russian embargo, yes, the EU is going to be worse off than ever. Thanks to Soros who organized the refugee crisis and pushed for the russian embargo.
Post by Mrs. Johnson: Cavalier with our Constitution…