Putin is a man of honour, and Lavrov too: they’ll never accept to betray Assad; they’re right and we must deal with it.

Putin is being asked continuously to “betray” Bashar Al Assad “King” of Syria; after what we knew about israeli infiltration of the supposed syrian opposition it is clear that:
Israel, the american neo-cons with McCain are trying to invade Syria to give to Israel the Golan Heights, that belong to the Syrian State but are occupied by Israel, and to Rothschild the licence to exploit the oil of the Golan; since they’re cowards and pretend to respect the UN disposition they have simply infiltrated the so called syrian opposition and are eroding Assad’s power without telling anyone and claiming Assad broke the human rights and they are there to fight the fantomatic ISIS.
President Obama pretends to believe it and had even the “braveness” to tell Putin to stop bombing McCain’s and israeli’s soldiers that they call the syrian opposition, not only, Israel cures its own soldiers in israeli hospitals saying they are poor syrian civilians bombed by Assad or Putin. They are israeli soldiers wounded while pretending to be ISIS or syrian rebels, Assad wants his own territory back and we’re near the Armageddon, considered that the Megiddo plane is near Damascus. Thank you Israel and Nobel Prize for peace Obama for bringing us near the end of the world.
Lavrov said that the syrian must choose their own president and I agree, the rebels who are not syrian must simply go away from there. I hope Renzi will stick to the decision not to enter the syrian war because we are proudly in the NATO, but on this specific occasion the russian are right and it’s a matter of decency and of honour not to pretend to believe the israeli lies.untitled-1-9 Here’s an article where israeli officials say that Syria should be dismembered and each part of Syria should be run and governed… by whom? Try and guess. By the people who are actually occupying them, they’re cunning aren’t they? So, they would govern the Golan extending the israeli boundary lines de facto including it, the other fractions should be run by various ethnicities according to religious lines, Damascus, maybe, would remain to Assad, the legitimate president, or no, Assad no, for he broke the human rights…are they kidding us? They are liars to the core, they probably destroyed Palmyra’s temples too, at the UN they know I’m telling the truth, what Israel is doing is a war of invasion, old style, while giving the fault to Assad and to the muslim integralists who’ll end up with nothing but a bit of desert, all the others must keep quite and respect an embarrassing lengthy and ridiculous list of human rights that blocks any effective military action – you are always breaking the human rights – and even the possibility to self defence or keeping your own territory – see the impediments into repatriating the illegals – with this “solution” that each piece of land  should be run by the people who happen to be there a part of Sweden and UK should be run by muslims and in fact it’s their damn freemasonry, run by jewish bankers and satanic cardinals who mix through the IOR the vatican bank – that brought them in.
But Putin is a man of honour. I am sorry that the situation is like this. I start believing we may really be near the endgame. I am very glad that some NATO Generals think like me, and they do, I am personally very affectionated to the NATO, to see it used against the true values, to serve Israel, is something I pray God to spare me.