Why I am so angry with Israel and why Brexit will make all these hardline no-borders calm down.

Imagine to find out that the boss of the no-borders hard leftists of your country, the one who doesn't want the country to be christian anymore, the one that says the boundary lines are unjust, the one that put a no-border Prime Minister in office backstabbing the previous one - Enrico Letta - and without letting you decide with election, imagine you find out this person is not even a citizen of your country, imagine you find out he's not only a jew, he's an israeli citizen with italian sounding last name who comes to Italy to tell the left what to do. Then you find out he has his own money in Switzerland and wants you in the eurozone and calls fascist whomever wants to exit the EU. And imagine you find out the same is going on in France. And imagine the two names of these israeli jews who give instructions to the lefty no borders are called Carlo De benedetti for Italy and Edouard de Rothschild in France, pardon, for France, and then their "home" in Tel Aviv and the place where they retire Switzerland. I found out this; what do you want? 
Do you know what I want? I want the Britons to burn the Balfour Declaration and abandon Israel to its own destiny, whatever God wants to make of them, they used against us everything they managed to get from Europe. They hate us like they hate the palestinians, they want us to be surrounded by arabs so we end up in the situation they are in Israel. But we are in Europe, we are not in the Middle East, they if they like can go back to the ghetto of Prague and leave the world free of the mess they make, it's they who want to stay in the Middle East, basically it's they who went where there was plenty of arabs and it's they who don't look like arabs, basically it's the Britons who did this mess and the Britons must undo it.
Israel did the refugee crisis through Carlo De Benedetti, Edouard de Rothschild who are israelis and then through the rest of the Rothschild clan that commands over freemasonry and George Soros, it's what Jesus Christ called "the Synagogue of Satan" the people who are not really jews but claim to be jews, in fact they are eastern europeans convinced to stem from Israel, probably.
Why Brexit can undo a lot of this mess; the Soros/ Rothschild guided minions from the no-borders Calais activists to the italian backstabber Prime Minister - even Obama felt moved for the public shame Enrico Letta was exposed to, but probably Renzi was more blindly obedient to the sect in fact he's filling Italy with immigrants which Letta didn't do- well all these extreme globalists think they can force the end of the national states and national identity crying and shouting and clashing with our police and filling Europe with muslim people until the national states surrender power to the EU for "they can't cope with the crisis". Brexit is the opposite. It would be one powerful nation, the UK taking back all of the sovereignty to a democratically elected parliament and it would probably also set the english court free from the "cap" of the Strasbourg High Court the human rights factory that generates so many human rights that in fact stops justice. It will be freedom and democracy again. Add the domino effect and that drunkard of Brussels, the minions of Rothschild can find another job. We shall win. And they lose. The Britons must exit the EU and start the democratic revolution. They owe this to us.