Today must be revealing Illuminati day: Lynn Forester Rothschild, Lord Carrington, Tara Rockefeller, Nancy Kissinger publicly offend the Virgin Mary.

When I say that the BBC is communist, I am damningly right.

Organized feminists are racist against women and the black.

#KillAllWhiteMen is not illegal #KillAllGays is illegal. Why any intelligent person can't be politically correct.

Equality doesn't exist in nature, it's just a gift the powerful do to the weak ones.

Mark Zuckerberg, the military apparatus and you.

Brexit and Grexit: Britain leaves the EU because it's too rich, Greece because it's too poor, the EU system's broken.

Winston Churchill, Freemasonry and the end of the word "man". We already miss it.

We already live in a communist society and we must exit it. Your bakery is not your own, your children are not your own, your pub? It's society's...

Arkan's tigers in Oxford?

Dave Nellist and TUSC lost completely, what to change. In my opinion.

Why this generation of humans hates so much babies?

Scrap the hate speech law.

Be careful about the British Broadcasting Communism (BBC)

An ideal husband by Oscar Wilde is about Freemasonry corrupting and then blackmailing politicians.

Casual sex in England has become the nightmare of the day after: too many rapes and rape allegations. Going back to the wedlock or going back to the brothel?

Who can endure it can win it.

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