How long can Erdogan's double game last? Be serious.

Corbyn, save Britain and impose to Labour MPs not to allow war on Assad. Israel and USA will lose WWIII, keep the UK out of it.

No Borders lefty politicians are impeding us from giving protection to the truly prosecuted ones.

Soros, Rothschild and Obama don't want you to have guns...but they murder with their drones hundreds of civilians in the Middle East.

The EU is like a nazi party: you cannot reform it, you must exit while the Euro generates poverty and un-repayable debts.

Rothschild connected with ISIS through Erdogan's son Bilal who sells "legally" ISIS oil.

Can someone tell Cameron, Hollande and Obama that if they bomb Syria without Assad's permission they are invaders?

Jeremy, tell them No.

This is what Italy gets for taking immigrants. Renzi must stop now.

Hollande and Obama must not obey Israel on Putin and Assad.

Also the Iranian claim the status of refugee. But it has become immaterial: we mustn't take one.

Face it, it's not the islamists who are changing Europe, it's the marxist Jews who let them in.We must get rid of them from Rothschild down.

Joe Biden tells the Truth about ISIS by Maurizio Blondet

No way we'll stay with muslim Turks who booed the minute of silence for wounded France against christian Russia.

Greece must send the "refugees" back to Turkey. This is perfectly legal because in Turkey there isn't any war.

The Continental States of the EU feel trapped between the weak inefficient southern states and the Commission that defend them. While the North is logging out.